Miguel's Success Story

Miguel’s lifestyle had always been a tough fit for any diet. A robust work schedule meant being completely sedentary most of the day but still training twice a day - 6 days a week.

Frustration eventually crept in as Miguel’s physique was not a reflection of all the hard work he was putting into it. He needed his body to reflect his efforts in the gym as well as the kitchen and it’s at that point that he made the decision to reach out to his big cousin Neil.

Here’s his story so far…

Miguel Before

I was experiencing a plateau; before I started I’d weighed the same 180lbs/81.6kgs or under for about 8 years straight. Throughout that time I’d tested 9-10 diets diligently with my attempts coming up fruitless every single time. The most frustrating thing was training twice a day for at least 3 hours, losing weight but having no abs to show for it.

One night I was venting out my frustrations and literally on Christmas eve Neil took the time to review my daily nutrient intake with consideration to my training. The gesture to create a meal plan so quickly and specifically over Christmas already spoke for itself but going a step further and educating me on why we were changing things gave me confidence that I’d lost a long time ago.

When I started the program I was just scraping 180lbs/81.6kgs bodyweight at 6 feet/183cm tall. My physique was underwhelming despite how many hours I poured into training and completely lacked definition. I was “skinny-fat” and not making any progress.

I tried a lot of diets before I made the switch. My last two diets were the Zone and then the Paleo diet because at the time that was the fad. To say the switch was a lifestyle change is a massive understatement.

I saw immediate results in as little as my first 2-3 weeks which is almost unheard of concerning lean muscle mass gain and aesthetic muscle “fullness”.

Miguel Selfie

After at least 3 months on the plan I’d put on 8lbs/3.6kgs of quality lean muscle mass, my body fat percentage dropped to 13% so my abs were clearly visible for the first time in my life.

So far my best achievement is 193lbs/87.5kgs body weight with 7% body fat. The most impressive accomplishment was being at that body fat percentage while still maintaining muscle fullness and strength.

There’s no better feeling than standing in front of the mirror, shredded and feeling healthier than I ever have.Trust the program fully and you will guarantee yourself safe, healthy results that are specific to you. Do not lose focus on what other people are doing and invest more in yourself. I didn’t believe in myself for a long time but this program gave that back to me and a whole lot more.

Miguel Selfie 2

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