Summer Training Packages

Summer Training Packages

from 1,230.00

The weekends are for Bikini's & Board Shorts and we want you to be full of confidence when you hit the beach this summer. Everything has been taken care of to get you looking and feeling your absolute to catch the glorious sunshine and refreshing waves of Summer.

Your 6 Week P.E. Dept. Gym Membership includes:  

  • Customised Training Program

  • Personalised Meal Plan

  • Weekly Personal Training

  • Sports Chiro Assessment

  • Optional Yoga & Group Classes

  • and more...

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Membership Option:
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Customised Training Program

Different lifestyles and different body types require different programs to help you realise your goals. With information from your Sports Chiro's assessment, a personalised program is developed from scratch and matched to your requirements and goals. Your program is delivered to you via the Optimal Physiques Mobile App.

  • Built on scientifically proven studies, programs incorporate full periodization programming, split routines, strength training, metabolic conditioning and more.

  • Personalised training program delivered direct to your smart phone, with notes and cues, along with a video attached tutorial.

  • All your workout data is stored so you can track your progress over time. 

Personalised Meal Plan

You have to run on the right fuel if you want to perform at your best both inside and outside of the gym. Using your specific body type, your goals and your specific dietary requirements, we create a diet plan that fits into your lifestyle and is specific to your goals.

  • A personalised nutritional plan delivered direct to your smart phone.

  • Macros Calculated for your Specific Body Type and Goals

  • Diarize your food and track your progress.

Sports Chiropractor Movement Assessment

A certified clinician will assess your ability to perform basic lift movements. The assessment performed will identify and efficiently integrate the concepts of posture, muscle balance and the fundamental patterns of the movement system into musculoskeletal practice. This feedback will be used to determine for the effectiveness of your training program.

Yoga, Barre & Pilates Classes - Optional

Yoga Dept.jpg

Yoga Dept encompass everything body, body & soul. With classes including Yoga and Pilates (both heated and non heated options), Barre Attack and Meditation there are many opportunities to dive in, explore and have fun. Classes are designed to be inclusive of all levels from newbies to gurus as giving everyone something to share and there is always something new to discover.

Group Classes - Optional

 PE. Dept Group Classes focus on functional movement, team training and athletic performance. A variety of classes throughout the week including cardio circuits, strength and conditioning, high intensity interval training, boxing, outdoor run and metabolic conditioning.